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Sunday, April 30, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 30 2017

___ out (withdraws)
Works of Sappho
Word after common or horse
Wing it on stage
Unexpected setback
Turkish bigwig of old
Treats on sticks
To-do list item
To the rear, to a salt
Tight-fisted sort
The queen is one, in chess
Stinging rebuke
Source of pumice or basalt
Soup server
Scatter, as confetti
Quark's home
Prop for Mr. Peanut
Printer's proof, briefly
Prepare a spread for
Prefix with freeze or knock
Pre-employment prerequisite, perhaps
Pool table material
Places to get pampered
Physics and chemistry, for two
Penguin's perch
Parasol's offering
Palm yield
One of Kimble's many, on 'The Fugitive'
No. 1 hit
Mudville complement
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Most trifling
Modern pentathlon weapon
Minute Maid alternative
MFA part
Machine gun placement
Long, hard journeys
Like Ken Kesey's Pranksters
Lacoste of the courts
Kermit et al
Kennedy Library architect
Kagan of the Supreme Court
John who played Gomez Addams
Inside info, slangily
In slapdash manner
Idaho, the ___ State
Hummingbirds can do it
Home to a small part of Egypt
Hold in abomination
Hauler of heavy equipment, perhaps
Hardly gregarious
Fifteen-season CBS crime drama
Fateful day in the Roman Senate
Established, as a business
Epoxy or amber
Epic of Troy
Entree go-with
Enter without paying, maybe
Easily split mineral
Delphic shrine
Decked out
Days of ___ (olden times)
Carbo-loader's fare
Brewer's grain
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773
Bleak, as an outlook
Be nostalgic
Basted, maybe
Barron, to Donald Trump
Barely manage, with 'out'
At the peak of
Arabian Peninsula land
Alan of 'The Aviator'
22-Down's alma mater
'Going ___ . . .' (auction phrase) - See more at: