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Monday, November 28, 2016

Eliminate the worst and fill the blocks with the best

If you are a beginner and is looking forward to solve the puzzle, then do remember that nothing is impossible today, what it may that if you have been through many hiccups in solving many puzzles, but one day it will surely make you the master of the game. There are many tools like crossword puzzle help that you can surely pick up to solve the puzzles in manner and quickly that you have never thought before. The puzzles or crosswords are a kind of literature for which you require lots of tools to be used at the same time. The best tool other than crossword puzzle help for solving the crosswords is a thesaurus or dictionary that will give you the exposure to various phrases and the words. The tools can be many you can also refer to the old puzzles or crosswords that you have solved as a beginner, as there is always some repetitions in the old ones. As there have been lots of puzzles that has been talked about on the platforms that has been recognized internationally like The New York Times puzzles which has made news for many years and is still creating milestones to cover up. All the puzzles are considered to be milestones, as you never know where the phrase can be used to depict the coming answers as well.

The deep knowledge and understanding are required to solve the puzzles, as they always have meaning that is hidden between the phrases and their clues, if you can cleverly take out the meaning then of course you are the winner for all. Whenever you look forward to solving the crosswords than do remember to read all the clues first, as this will help you in knowing that which clues are easy and can be cracked on a priority level first. As the difficult ones will take time, so go for the easy ones first and then switch over to the difficult ones. When you start with the easy clues, then you can fill up the majority of the puzzle first and then give the head start to the guesses. There are also possibilities that the clue can result in many answers that can be expected from them, but there you need to take care and act smartly, you can break the puzzle into various across and downs and also try to focus on the best possible answer that will fit into the puzzle and discard the rest ones. This will leave you with the limited options that you can discard and select that best suits the requirement to be filled in the crosswords as they have been one of the options that need to be explored by you going forward and in addition it will definitely add upon in solving the puzzles in a quicker way, so note down this tip with you to proceed forward.  Once the easy clues are finished, then you can immediately switch over to the longer ones. There is also an option of crossword puzzle help at one of the corner where you can find some refined hints to proceed.

The clues that are a bit longer and you are the bit unfamiliar with the words, you can definitely use a dictionary or thesaurus and if you have found any biblical quote or the phrase related to any historical event or location the Encyclopedia  or Bible can also be used. As the crosswords get filled with more and more words the mystery will be seen solved by you and tend to regain the confidence while solving the puzzle too.  The majority of times the hard clues depend on upon the various themes on which the puzzle is based, so you need to consider the theme of the puzzle in mind if you are looking forward to solve the hard clues of the puzzles. They are always related to the puzzle in one way or another. There is lots of creativity is involved in solving them across and down and the thinking should be out of the box, you need to consider all the options and make the elimination as one of your tools to solve the crosswords. The solving of the easy crosswords will give you the confidence to switch to the next level crosswords, it will not only help you in gaining confidence but also will help you in an opening to the world.      

With the solving of the best puzzles, with crossword puzzle help sometimes you tend to know about the world more which will help you in gaining knowledge that was hidden from you in the past. As these crosswords can be played as offline games through various magazines or newspapers or as well you can also play them online as well through the official websites of newspapers too. The online games will help you at ease in solving the puzzles well, as you will find the help online as well to solve the hard phrases at a time.  The games or any book should not be taken as a past time rather should be involved in increasing your IQ level as you are devoting a lot of time in solving and reading so absorb as much as you can so that it will add upon to your personality. Whatever a person or an individual do in his or her respective lives, surely add upon to the aura of the surrounding and they tend to affect the others through them, but definitely doing it for a purpose is also necessary as you never know what you require when. So, keep on reading the books and knowledge banks so that you can absorb the maximum, the individuals can also choose the best subject that interest them and as in the starting, it will help you as a trigger in starting with the absorption of the best interest of yours.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

USA Today Crossword Answers - October 12 2016

Written promises to pay
Works with thread
Woolly youngster
White gem
Well-versed in
Verified fact
Unconvincing, as excuses
Type of tooth
The typical Saudi
Tapers off
Take offense at
Stinging insect
Steamed Mexican snack
South Korean capital
Solidify, as blood
Singer Orbison
Ship pole
Sentence in a script
Sections of circles
Repair, as a tear
Render speechless
Quarterback's unsuccessful play
Prepare potatoes, perhaps
Place in a schedule
Oxygen or neon
Of natural satellites
Milking container
Mail-routing abbr
Longtime distress signal
Like Wordsworth's words
Like very much
King Kong's kin
Italy's shape
It's next to FIVE on a nickel
Indoor sports site
In addition
In a cunning way
Holes in needles
Head coverings
Green gem
Flavor enhancer initials
Film's name
Eve's second son
Drain of energy
Distance across
Directive like PDQ
Cyberbidding site
Creative thought
Creative designs
Coyote cries
Coverage for many new appliances
Coop dweller
Convertible or coupe
College team boss
Close-up lens
Checkers move
Certain solar phenomenon
Cashews and filberts
Carry a tune without words
Carbonated mixer
Call a halt to
Bridge and backgammon
Book's backbone
Being dragged
Become liable for
Barnyard perch
Balloon filler, at times
Backyard barbecue locale
Attention-getting sound
Argentine dance
Aretha's music
All finished
After-bath garment
Aerosol, for instance

Sunday, October 9, 2016

USA Today Crossword Answers - October 9 2016

Where animals cast aspersions on one another?
Warrior with a lightsaber
Voice below soprano, for short
Voice an objection
Troupe member
Transplant recipient
Toast topper
Three-time Clooney role Danny ___
The gamut
Surface measure
Some cheese coverings
Smelter waste
Roughly speaking
Reveal, poetically
Resume padder, e.g
Renaissance Faire weapon
Quite a sight
Proper or common word
Prefix meaning 'billionth'
Plain speaking
Pisa's river
Paris-area hub
Out-of-focus image
One on a pedestal
One facing deportation, maybe
Ocean State sch
OB-___ (baby doc)
Not quite boiling, in the kitchen
Not as strict
Nile queen, for short
Nat ___Wild (cable channel)
Nasty bit of correspondence?
Nary a soul
Moving ahead
Made public
Low-fat, as milk
London Magazine essayist
London john
Like Whitman's Sampler chocolates
Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop
Lamarr of 'Samson and Delilah'
Jerry's partner in ice cream
In a tizzy
Hoses down
Having the skill
Haunted house sound
Grab, with 'onto'
Gladden to the max
Garden statuette
Dreads sporter, perhaps
Drain-clearing chemical
Draft selection
Desktop debut of 1981
Court figures, for short
Convention stick-ons
Coffee-to-go need
Chamber music reed
Cerebral spark
Cat's-eye or aggie
Caesarean rebuke
Business magnate
Blast furnace input
Bite-sized pies
Beer bust buys
Beastly sort
Baseball's 'Georgia Peach'
Bad news in the metals market?
Axis member
Alphabet ender, in Britain
Al-___ (support group)
Abysmal grade
1942 Rita Hayworth musical
1/1 song title word
'Paper or plastic?' item
'. . . ___ and not heard'

Thursday, August 18, 2016

crossword puzzle answers

WWII sub
With merriment
Tierra Fuego
Stockbroker's advice
Mischievous Norse god
Luminescent insect
Chick's mom
Charlie Parker's instrument
Biblical dancer
'Wheel of Fortune' finale
' Renee' (1960s hit)
Worship site
To a greater extent
They move on cushions of air
Rubber source
Recital works
Protest participant
Picnic container
Physique, slangily
Magnet end
Lingerie buy
Chophouse order
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Cain's brother
What most humans are
Whispered entreaty
What wrestlers practice?
Violently release lava
That is, in Latin
Television tuner of old
Swan constellation
Reverse, as a mistake
Something apartment renters can't get
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 27-Down to form baseball terms 
Raised mark on the skin
Put up, as a picture
Wallach of “The Godfather Part III” 
Postpone to a later date
Turned off, as sound 
Pole that may have many faces
Trousers, informally 
Of some benefit
Places to get muddied up
Tennis do-over 
Pharmacist's dispensations
Targets of sutures 
Musical ensemble of eight
Take the gold 
Mrs. Hudson, to Sherlock Holmes
Taco ingredient 
More like a puppy dog
Study intently 
Lithium-battery link
Length x width, for a rectangle
Lengthy suit sizes
SpaceX CEO Musk 
Some resort locales 
It's for two only
Solid precipitation 
Slight variation of color 
Site of many Hollywood stars 
Service station goo 
Schooner beverage 
Sch. near Harvard 
Royal flush part 
Resounding, like a canyon 
Pouting look 
Infamous abductors
It brings a smile to a miner's face
It may include the sniffles
It turns Santa's suit black
Political payoff 
Play backdrop 
Place for an iron rooster 
Personally close to 
Hair options
One of Rickey Henderson’s record 1,406 
Great Barrier Reef makeup
Moulin Rouge city 
Former Iranian leaders
Examine hastily
Middleton of royalty 
Electric power measure
Joy Adamson’s lioness 
Less hospitable 
Incite fisticuffs 
Make ecstatic 
Drink by the yard
Lifesaving team, briefly 
Deepen, as a channel
Cornbread concoction
Charlemagne's domain
Kinski title role of 1979 
Censored material
Campus meeting place
John __ & Sons (Scotch maker) 
C-shaped carpentry gadget
Jabbed in the ribs 
BP Amoco's acquisition
Advocate forcefully
Big name in copiers, once
Battle reminders
Exhale audibly 
Housemate of Garfield 
Hobby shop kit 
Airborne annoyances
Hendrix at Woodstock 
Head an effort 
Gentle touches 
Add the audio
Game summary 
A friend in war
Formally hand over 
Food and sehelter, for two 
Flying Clouds of old autodom 
"Rolling in the Deep" chanteuse
"Jack of all trades, master of ___"
Easily split mineral 
Bend at a barre 
Did as directed 
Did a stud’s work 
Deliver, as Muzak 
Cryptographer’s org. 
Completed at Henley 
Capacitance unit 
Bug big-time 
Broken mirror, to some 
Bookie’s figures 
Berry of “Die Another Day” 
Be suitable for 
Bank protector 
Astronaut’s wear 
__-K (school for tots) 
__ out (barely manage) 
“This won’t hurt __!” 
“Think nothing __!” 
“Pronto!” letters 
“Little” Dickens heroine 
“Escales” composer Jacques 
“Benevolent” order 
“Be silent,” in music 
“__ boom bah!” 
Mama (rum-based tropical cocktail)
Women's wellness magazine since 1979
Type of tax-advantaged bond, for short
Tesserae art
Sign of things to come
Start to puncture?
Words on Alice’s cake 
Sound made by an Alka-Seltzer tablet
Unvarnished .. Or like the end of the answers to starred clues? 
They catch a lot of waves 
Sign in a broadcast booth
Sound check item 
Sequel to 'Angela's Ashes'
Slugger with the most career grand slam HRs 
Ready, willing, and able
New Rochelle college 
Silver and gold 
Projectile tossed on Temple Beth Shalom's annual whale hunt?
Show off, in a way 
Screen signal
PayPal's parent, once
Prepare to start over, perhaps 
Not rush hour
Pooh pal 
New Balance rival
Pilot, or a prefix with pilot 
Mil. branch that wanted you to 'be all you can be'
Photobucket alternative 
One whp is often disorderly 
Midway souvenir?
One of the two 
Not for kids 
Mayor who later presided over 'The People's Court'
Marvel Comics character played thrice by Wesley Snipes
Marcos with an enormous shoe collection
Largest Mississippi River feeder by volume 
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles'
Lean and strong 
Latin words of clarification goal 
Liver nutrient 
Judy Garland's surname, at birth
Motorcycle cop, perhaps 
Joe's 'Midnight Cowboy' sidekick, played by Dustin Hoffman
It's never in the nominative case
Mary-in-mourning sculpture 
Island divided among Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
It came before the pullus in ancient Rome … or did it?
Make a misstep 
Long-plumed fisher 
Imperiled atmospheric layer
Hook and sinker's partner
Home of the Kon-Tiki Museum
Large server 
Hockey legend Phil, to his fans
Lacking energy 
Fuzzy fabric lump
Ice cream brand introduced 1866 
Hiddleston who plays Loki in “Thor” 
Enshrouds in Charmin, colloquially
Ernie on the links
Colon pair 
Civil wrong 
Giza neighbor 
Gibbs of “The Jeffersons” 
Flood survivor 
Fast-food pork sandwich 
Either of the two lead characters in 'Dumb & Dumber'?
Egyptian snake 
Dry as a bone
Early video game letters 
Diminutive Cooper
Do nothing 
Defunct cable channel on which 'Star Trek: Voyager' debuted
Decoratively sculpted tube pan
Charlotte or Ballet follower
Caribbean vacation spot 
Cartel letters
Blue-roofed restaurant chain 
California coastal city for which a Barbie was named
Barista offering 
Blue Moon Belgian White and Anchor Liberty
Birthstone of many a Taurus
Answers briefly? 
Antisaddlebag procedure, for short
Animated short promoting the new iPhone?
Alicia Keys record label 
1805 Beethoven premiere 
Shopping area loiterer 
Action's opposite, in a saying
Accomplish on behalf of
Put in long hours 
2001 Odyssey, in 'Saturday Night Fever'
Dramatic gridiron pass 
'Spare me the details!'
“Wait Wait .. Don’t Tell Me!” airer 
'Little' Dickens heroine
“The Vampire Chronicles” novelist 
'A good walk spoiled,' per Mark Twain
“Now I get it” 
“Live” sign 
“Let’s hear the story!” 
“As a result ..” 
“__: Legacy”: sci-fi sequel 
What's here 
Waste no time 
Turns loose 
Tarot deck grouping 
Surly one 
Sudden increase 
Stands up to 
Spielberg's Oskar 
Soy-based soup 
Snooze symbol 
Smooths out 
Smooth out 
Sikorsky of aviation 
Short trips 
Sans decorations 
Pricey writing paper 
Power source 
Play for a fool 
Out of one's thoughts 
Org-chart section 
Office agreement 
Now, in legalese 
Nile queen, for short 
Mother of some pups 
Memo imperative 
Marlin, for instance 
Lauren colleague 
Land east of Valencia 
Key particles in cloud electrification 
Ivy Leaguers 
It's not serious 
It may come between money and everything 
White tiger, e.g 
Immodest pursuit 
Visitor to Siam 
Homer Simpson's hangout 
Do roadwork, say 
Headlight bulbs 
Good: Lat 
First chip in the pot 
Euro predecessors 
Utopian episode 
Element in fine watches 
Turned ten into a thousand 
They're good for what ails you 
Contractual recipient 
Target for a masseur 
City near Delhi 
Catherine of Aragon's mom 
Cast-iron component 
Carmela on "The Sopranos" 
Burger serving 
Bass output 
Great-grandfather of Moses 
Brief brawl 
Pontypool people 
Pierce player 
Bolt the sprinter 
Blue Grotto locale 
Bass output 
Bit of chat shorthand 
Some are induced 
Bean in some stews 
Be off-base 
Snap indicator 
Be next to 
Auto with a trident logo 
Rewarded for a job well done 
Aussie exports 
Moon display? 
Local group 
Painful reprimand 
Oz in the bookstore 
Gets a newer phone, say 
One chained to a desk 
Not quite free of bugs 
North America/Europe twin cities 
Mrs., in Mexico 
Like some big plates 
Like lots 
Ill-suited for growing 
Home invader 
Applies, as barbecue spices 
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' co-star 
Funky quality 
Frenetically busy 
"I Am Spock" author 
Evangelist's handout 
Europe/Middle East twin cities 
Euro division 
Entertaining pros 
Emergency room annoyance 
Edit menu choice 
Diving position 
Diving device 
Dark brown shade 
Danger for small boats 
Criminal charge? 
Completely baffled 
Zero, in sports slang 
Clairvoyance and the like 
You betcha! 
Councilor's place 
Word after prime or cut 
Word after hot or before kit 
Upholsterer’s stock 
Comic Sykes 
Universe of Energy locale 
Collectors do it 
Two-syllable cheer 
This, appropriately 
Cashew family member 
Booms, e.g 
Bob and others 
There’s this thing called Google 
Become involved 
Subway station feature 
Attendee, in combinations 
The Grapes of Wrath itinerant 
Attacked an attacker 
Smokes once touted by Willie the penguin 
Answers after two rings 
Sarge’s “Sell my city bonds!” telegram? determination 
Rock-paper-scissors, by another name 
Aaron Paul's 'Breaking Bad' role 
Pounds, for example 
2006 Andrea Bocelli album 
Popular game with the sequel Riven 
Pen name 
'Whoa now!' 
One of the Dolomites 
Olympic racing event 
'Knowing Me, Knowing You' group 
'Emerson Concerto' composer 
'Anywhere But Here' novelist Simpson 
Noted trans-Atlantic voyager 
One of the Coen brothers 
Odor-Eaters product 
Not the main food allotment for one on an intel mission? 
Noodle count in one of Arizona’s largest cities? 
Newspaper with the headline “Mystery Hero Saves Falling Space Plane” 
New York Times pieces since 1970 
Mount in Greek myth 
March locale of note 
Many investig ators’ leads 
Lotion ingredient 
Listing in un annuaire 
Like the cinnamon in babka 
Like best buds 
Kind of flute 
It’s so typical 
Ingredient in Christmas pudding 
In scorin g position, say 
Here/there connector 
Hang back 
Hail, e.g. 
Gentle reminder 
Gay who wrote “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” 
Flared dress 
Fitzgerald of old “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” ads 
Faux bronze 
Energy-saving mode 
Ear parts 
Drinks with plenty of vermouth 
Dream time, for short 
Dosimeter reading 
Did a tour after joining up? 
Delegation at the Oslo Accords 
Corp. recruiters’ targets 
Chops up 
Car modified into the Monkeemobile 
Biblical mount 
Beat the drum for 
Be on the level? 
Actor ___ Elba 
Abbr. that usually follows a comma 
___ You (1975 #1 Minnie Riperton hit)