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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

USA Today Crossword Answers - October 12 2016

Written promises to pay
Works with thread
Woolly youngster
White gem
Well-versed in
Verified fact
Unconvincing, as excuses
Type of tooth
The typical Saudi
Tapers off
Take offense at
Stinging insect
Steamed Mexican snack
South Korean capital
Solidify, as blood
Singer Orbison
Ship pole
Sentence in a script
Sections of circles
Repair, as a tear
Render speechless
Quarterback's unsuccessful play
Prepare potatoes, perhaps
Place in a schedule
Oxygen or neon
Of natural satellites
Milking container
Mail-routing abbr
Longtime distress signal
Like Wordsworth's words
Like very much
King Kong's kin
Italy's shape
It's next to FIVE on a nickel
Indoor sports site
In addition
In a cunning way
Holes in needles
Head coverings
Green gem
Flavor enhancer initials
Film's name
Eve's second son
Drain of energy
Distance across
Directive like PDQ
Cyberbidding site
Creative thought
Creative designs
Coyote cries
Coverage for many new appliances
Coop dweller
Convertible or coupe
College team boss
Close-up lens
Checkers move
Certain solar phenomenon
Cashews and filberts
Carry a tune without words
Carbonated mixer
Call a halt to
Bridge and backgammon
Book's backbone
Being dragged
Become liable for
Barnyard perch
Balloon filler, at times
Backyard barbecue locale
Attention-getting sound
Argentine dance
Aretha's music
All finished
After-bath garment
Aerosol, for instance

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