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Sunday, October 9, 2016

USA Today Crossword Answers - October 9 2016

Where animals cast aspersions on one another?
Warrior with a lightsaber
Voice below soprano, for short
Voice an objection
Troupe member
Transplant recipient
Toast topper
Three-time Clooney role Danny ___
The gamut
Surface measure
Some cheese coverings
Smelter waste
Roughly speaking
Reveal, poetically
Resume padder, e.g
Renaissance Faire weapon
Quite a sight
Proper or common word
Prefix meaning 'billionth'
Plain speaking
Pisa's river
Paris-area hub
Out-of-focus image
One on a pedestal
One facing deportation, maybe
Ocean State sch
OB-___ (baby doc)
Not quite boiling, in the kitchen
Not as strict
Nile queen, for short
Nat ___Wild (cable channel)
Nasty bit of correspondence?
Nary a soul
Moving ahead
Made public
Low-fat, as milk
London Magazine essayist
London john
Like Whitman's Sampler chocolates
Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop
Lamarr of 'Samson and Delilah'
Jerry's partner in ice cream
In a tizzy
Hoses down
Having the skill
Haunted house sound
Grab, with 'onto'
Gladden to the max
Garden statuette
Dreads sporter, perhaps
Drain-clearing chemical
Draft selection
Desktop debut of 1981
Court figures, for short
Convention stick-ons
Coffee-to-go need
Chamber music reed
Cerebral spark
Cat's-eye or aggie
Caesarean rebuke
Business magnate
Blast furnace input
Bite-sized pies
Beer bust buys
Beastly sort
Baseball's 'Georgia Peach'
Bad news in the metals market?
Axis member
Alphabet ender, in Britain
Al-___ (support group)
Abysmal grade
1942 Rita Hayworth musical
1/1 song title word
'Paper or plastic?' item
'. . . ___ and not heard'

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