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Sunday, April 30, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 30 2017

___ out (withdraws)
Works of Sappho
Word after common or horse
Wing it on stage
Unexpected setback
Turkish bigwig of old
Treats on sticks
To-do list item
To the rear, to a salt
Tight-fisted sort
The queen is one, in chess
Stinging rebuke
Source of pumice or basalt
Soup server
Scatter, as confetti
Quark's home
Prop for Mr. Peanut
Printer's proof, briefly
Prepare a spread for
Prefix with freeze or knock
Pre-employment prerequisite, perhaps
Pool table material
Places to get pampered
Physics and chemistry, for two
Penguin's perch
Parasol's offering
Palm yield
One of Kimble's many, on 'The Fugitive'
No. 1 hit
Mudville complement
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Most trifling
Modern pentathlon weapon
Minute Maid alternative
MFA part
Machine gun placement
Long, hard journeys
Like Ken Kesey's Pranksters
Lacoste of the courts
Kermit et al
Kennedy Library architect
Kagan of the Supreme Court
John who played Gomez Addams
Inside info, slangily
In slapdash manner
Idaho, the ___ State
Hummingbirds can do it
Home to a small part of Egypt
Hold in abomination
Hauler of heavy equipment, perhaps
Hardly gregarious
Fifteen-season CBS crime drama
Fateful day in the Roman Senate
Established, as a business
Epoxy or amber
Epic of Troy
Entree go-with
Enter without paying, maybe
Easily split mineral
Delphic shrine
Decked out
Days of ___ (olden times)
Carbo-loader's fare
Brewer's grain
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773
Bleak, as an outlook
Be nostalgic
Basted, maybe
Barron, to Donald Trump
Barely manage, with 'out'
At the peak of
Arabian Peninsula land
Alan of 'The Aviator'
22-Down's alma mater
'Going ___ . . .' (auction phrase) - See more at:

Saturday, April 29, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 29 2017

Word of surrender
Woody's folksy son
Where Washington surprised the Hessians
What one might do to the last parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Was nostalgic
Verne submariner
Transvaal trekker
Theater ticket datum
Template used in drafting
Taffeta or satin quality
Susan of 'L.A. Law'
Sticking point, metaphorically
State that was once a republic
Sporty Toyotas of yore
Spitting bullets
Soon, to poets
Some smartphone messages
Some salon paintings
Skit bit
Shaver's faceful
Shannon who sang 'Runaway'
Setting for many van Goghs
Seamster's creation
Scott Joplin piece
Saint Teresa's city
River spanned by Ponte Vecchio
Reason to cram
Read, but never post
Ralph who bashed the Corvair
Poor, as chances go
Petty criticism, slangily
PBS thank-you gift, often
Patsy who sang 'Crazy'
Part of the name of one nicknamed 'Trey,' perhaps
Owner-player go-between
One of three articles
Most meager, as a diet
Mendes of 'Hitch'
Like Perot's presidential runs
LGBT rights-defending org
Led, as a meeting
KOA patron
Kerouac's 'Big ___'
Italy's Via ___
Is worth it
In range
Hybrid golf garment
Hendrix hairdo
Half the 'I Got You Babe' duo
Guinness suffix
Gobbled, with 'down'
George C. who played Patton
Gadgets used with cutting boards
Feathers adhesive of old
Exacta player, e.g
EOS camera maker
Early release
Dust-creating tools
Dull as dishwater
Drooling dog of comics
Didn't just sit
Delaying strategy
Deep passion
Consults a crystal ball
Comfortable, like some jeans
Cockpit fig
Claiborne of fashion
Cheese in a red coat
Carpet or street cleaner
Bombeck who wrote 'At Wit's End'
Bit of hair gel
Baseball's Dizzy or Daffy
Activated, as an alarm
Aberdeen miss
1984 loser to Reagan
'Terrible twos,' e.g
'Inferno' poet
'Aqualung' band Jethro ___ - See more at:

Friday, April 28, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 28 2017

___ Wafers (Nabisco cookies)
___ stone (hieroglyphics key)
Weasel relative
Wall unit starting with an 'SNL' alum
Vicious hoops foul
Trims to fit, say
Title for McCartney or Jagger
The five of 'Hamlet'
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .'
Tabloids 'monster'
Start of the Lord's Prayer
Stag's mate
Sign on a help desk
Sharif of 'Funny Girl'
Seer's prop starting with an 'SNL' alum
Seaver in Cooperstown
Release, as an odor
Pricing word
Prepared potatoes, as for hash browns
Prefix meaning 'sun'
Practiced, as a trade
Physique, in gym lingo
One of a cube's dozen
Nike's swoosh, e.g
Nightwear, slangily
Net-nicking serve
Manhattan Project trial, briefly
Makes a new cassette of
Lost on purpose
Letters on sunscreen bottles
Letters on Forever stamps
John, 'the Dapper Don'
IV part
It beats a deuce
Inigo Montoya or Harry Potter facial feature
Heyerdahl's '___-Tiki'
Have the appearance of
Goya's naked subject
French textiles city
Fractions of square miles
Former Indian prime minister Gandhi
Florida city ending with an 'SNL' alum
Faberge collectible
Event at Cana
Ernst for whom a speed measure is named
Enters carefully
Ending for many URLs
Economic upturn
Early morning hr
Dodge resurrection of the 2013 model year
Do a salon job
DirecTV installation
Dict. entry
Dean Martin's 'That's ___'
Cowpoke's rope
Cost of a pay phone call, once
Congressional output
Cheesy sandwich
Brothers Grimm offering
Blowhards' speeches
Beginning for a URL
Beer brand ending with an 'SNL' alum
Beatty of 'Network'
Auto loan fig
Authors' submissions (Abbr.) and others
Altar sites, often
Albatross, figuratively
About 2.2 pounds, briefly
A thousand thou
72, for many courses
'N Sync or Menudo
'This won't hurt ___!'
'The ___ the limit!'
'Just Do It,' for one
'It's crystal clear'
'Analyze This' director Harold
'American Sniper' subject Chris - See more at: