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Friday, April 14, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 14 2016

___ 51 (ufologist's interest)
Yma Sumac's homeland
Wrestler's objective
Work in an air show
Windshield option
Villain in Disney's 'Aladdin'
Unconventional warfare group
Toy in a carriage
Time period that can precede the first parts of 20-, 37- and 44-Across
Thorny parts of roses
Swamp stalk
Surprise ending
Sports org. for Clemson and Syracuse
Show conclusively
Sheriff's wear
Share a viewpoint
Security system sound
Screenwriter's concept
School dance of the 1940s-'50s
San Diego attraction
Roulette option
Roadside bomb, briefly
Recipients of a pep talk
Quick to learn
Purple bloomers
Propeller spinner on a drone
Produce hen fruit
Prefix with angle or athlete
Pope's jurisdiction
Places dinnerware on
Party hearty
Paine's 'Common Sense,' e.g
Optimist's words
Opening wager
One doing lab work
Olympics weapon
Not many
MLB Triple Crown stat
Mess up
Liquid component of stew
Like the hills, in a simile
Like a drone in operation
Kinski title role of 1979
Its license plates say 'Famous Potatoes'
Island near Mull
Internet cafe connection
Inscribe permanently
In good muscular shape
Ill-mannered sorts
Hutch portrayer of 1970s TV
Hockey legend Gordie
Height enhancers
Having the proverbial 1,001 uses
Give birth, as a whale
Gas in the stratosphere
Frenzied state
For whom an anatomical 'apple' is named
Footage that's not animated
Flout the rules
Fashion show's focus
Fan sound
Equestrian sport
Drops on the lawn
Cuba's Raul
Course halves
Costa ___
Chocolatier's vessel
Charitable handouts
Campus marchers (Abbr.)
Butcher's trimmings
Bumbling types
Broadway phantom's haunt
Biblical pronoun
Bathrobe fabric
At liberty
Advil alternative
Actor who said 'I pity the fool!'
'Ali' actress Pinkett Smith - See more at:

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