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Sunday, April 16, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 16 2016

___ Turnblad ('Hairspray' role)
___ loss for words
___ Lee cakes
___ Crunch (cereal brand)
___ boots ('60s footwear)
Yoga surface
Worry, Woody Allen-style
Word of woe
What bouncers check, for short
Weak-___ (timid)
TV bandleader with a bubble machine
Trawler's need
Third word of many limericks
Think tank nugget
Tend to the sauce
Swellhead's problem
Steam room alternative
Start of a football play
Sorvino with an Oscar
Reduced by
Quinn of 'Elementary'
Prefix with hertz or byte
Piece for a sitarist
Persona ___ grata
PA plug-ins
Oregon Trail, notably
Orbison of the Traveling Wilburys
Object of Ponce de Leon's quest
Necco candy bit
Mushroom morsel
Most self-satisfied
Maze objective
Mailed, as a contest entry
Lower in esteem
List-ending abbr
Like Olive Oyl, physiologically
Like Limburger cheese
Like a luxury car's interior
Latch onto
In the midst of
In apple-pie order
In an aimless manner
Hungarian language
Helen of Troy's abductor
Handles clumsily
Greedy king of myth
Good Samaritan's offering
Gives a hoot
Give off, as charm
Franc's replacement
Football uniform part
Film studio with a lion symbol
Filler of three bags, in rhyme
Earn, as profit
Dumbbell material
Drift makeup
Double ___ Oreos
Doo-wop song, e.g
Deputy ___ (cartoon canine)
Coastal flooding factor
Cheese for grating
Bovine team members
Be of one mind
Allow to join
Air pump letters
A Ponderosa son
A cube has 12
'___ went thataway!'
'___ NO HOOKS'
'Young Frankenstein' hunchback
'You go, ___!'
'What's more . . .'
'Poor Richard's Almanack' bit
'Our Gang' affirmative
'Michael Collins' org
'Maybe yes, maybe no'
'Humble' dwelling - See more at:

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