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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 18 2017

Zoning ordinances, e.g
Worm once used by bloodletters
Word in a Charlie Brown catchphrase
Whom 1950s voters 'liked'
Video game pioneer
Very beginning
Unconventional, and then some
Tylenol targets
Took the reins
The Bruins' sch
Surgical beam
Stinking to high heaven
Speak badly of
Sock-in-the-eye consequence
Soccer field boundary
Sierra ___ (African land)
Set off an airliner alarm, maybe
Serving no alcohol
Sault ___ Marie
Runs in neutral
Rotary phone feature
Queen in Disney's 'Frozen'
Property unit
Poet's preposition
Piquant topping for tacos
Part of a web address
Pandora's boxful
Orient Express, notably
One 'thrown under the bus'
Nebraska's largest city
Nation born in 1948
Mustachioed surrealist
Mosul native
Most Soc. Sec. beneficiaries
Like only one prime number
Like an unswept fireplace
Like an overdose, often
Like a general store's locale
Knighted singer John
Keg filler
Kazan who directed 'On the Waterfront'
Item in a recycling bin
It's actual rather than virtual
Intestinal bacteria, for short
Icy downpours
Hosted, as a roast
Highly motivated to succeed
High-IQ group
Gourmand's passion
Golf or tennis feat
Glassy or icy looks
Fly like an eagle
First name in Dogpatch
Fields of expertise
Ferry stop, perhaps
Feel in one's bones
Far from conventional
Fanning of 'Maleficent'
Everything, and what's 'held' in 17-, 25-, 39-, 49 and 60-Across
Easy mark for a swindler
Earth-shaking event
Commotion, to the Bard
Chevy SUV named for a lake
Charlie Brown's 'Darn it!'
Caravans' rest stops
Car that's beyond repair, say
Building addition
Break a sobriety pledge, say
Belgian site of an 1814 treaty
Bela who played Dracula
Bandage brand
Ammonia has a strong one
Acts the blowhard
'Fit Plus' game console
'Et tu, Brute?' or 'Veni, vidi, vici'
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