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Why invest your leisure time in Crossword puzzles?

Being at the apex of evolution, human has a non-ceasing urge to utilize his most prized gift, his brain. His efforts over the time have proved his superiority over other members of the animal kingdom. He utilizes and even plays with that vitality factor called the mind. Of all the mind games played in the world, crossword puzzles are said to be the most widespread brain teasers of all time. The game is a puzzle in which words are fitted into numbered sets of squares based on hints or clues provided for individual words. The words are generally organized horizontally or vertically which intersects with another word in the grid so that most letters form part of two words.

The first crossword puzzle appeared in England during 19th century and was made by Arthur Wynne, December 21, 1913, in a Sunday newspaper, the New York World. The first crossword puzzles were elementary kind and were printed in children’s puzzle books and periodicals. It was in United States that the game developed on a serious note and became a common pastime for most adult. Within a decade crossword puzzles were featured in major American newspapers. Crosswords since then started to assume their present fame and popularity.

Through a comparative analysis researchers tested to check whether crosswords really provided a fun-filled experience for the students which in turn directed their exam scores to the path of betterment. This is more important now than ever, because students of this generation prefer diversity in learning techniques instead of being exposed to traditional methods. Games can relieve the tedium of lectures and traditional teaching methods. These puzzles are good alternatives to common recreational activities as they are very enjoyable along with being entertaining.

Leisure is universal. However you can properly dedicate this time in utilizing your brain’s optimum capacity as well exercising it properly by making it work which in turn can prove quite beneficial in the long run. Crossword puzzles are good option to invest this leisure time as these puzzles are helpful in identifying your areas of comprehension as well as areas of weaknesses. Research shows that these puzzles increase motivation and people’s interest inthe topics at hand. Crossword puzzles are of pedagogical significance as it helps learners enlarge their vocabulary and stock of words and deepen their mastery. However the primary reason behind the huge acceptance of Crosswords puzzles remains in the ending amount of fun and entertainment it offers while solving it. You might get over excited when you find the actual word according to the hints or can even continue scratching your head in confusion if the word you have come up with doesn’t fit in the grid.

The general type of crossword puzzles is also subjected to variation. Some puzzles involve abstruse definitions, puns, and anagrams. Though the most commonly found crosswords are a grid of black and white squares enclosed within a square or a rectangle, there can be variations too that include:

1. An asymmetrically scattered combination of squares

2. A plain diagram with no squares cancelled and the ends of words simply marked by a thick line

3. Pictorial designs containing words around or inside a diagram

4. Diagram-less puzzles, with no squares cancelled and no word ends marked

While solving a crossword puzzle, you have to employ a lot of skills for the successful filling up and completion of the puzzle. You have to learn to organize things properly according to their demands. This is the basic criteria for solving a crossword. Whether you have a large stock of words or you rich in vocabulary, you always have to keep in mind the word you believeto be the answer should get properly synchronized with the allotted space and with letter from other words. It is also important to ensure that you have a proper spelling sense so that the word you are filling in the grid doesn’t go against the other clues or the other words you have previously filled up. Crosswords also help us to develop skills like foreseeing, ability to comprehend things better and faster and excel in what we embark on. When you solve crosswords regularly, rest assured that you would gradually have a complete different outlook towards your lifestyle and the way you approach things.

Another important reason of regularly solving crossword puzzles in your leisure time is to be endowed with numerous health benefits. Apart from sharpening your brain, it prevents Dementia (being proved by the Alzheimer’s Association). They help forge new neural pathways and improve nerve connections. Research shows that doing daily crossword puzzles benefits the verbal skills. Even if youcan’t solve a crossword completely, you can actually begin to figure out what different words mean. Crosswords are a fantastic way to practice problem solving. It even helps to learn to find patterns. They explain how different things are connected and there are the basis of math and science. Another benefit of crossword puzzle is that they allow you to lose yourself for a while or find your flow.

As we can now deduce that Crosswords are beneficiary to state of mental health as well as for our enrichment, solving Crosswords should be developed as a regular habit. As crosswords even come in age monitored puzzle sets, you should consider introducing other members of your family and especially your children to Crossword puzzles. This will not only help in instilling an urge of knowing more into them but also would generate some precious family time. Crosswords are known to improve interaction skills and hence spending your leisure time solving crosswords with your family would grant to the long lost desire for proper communication and quality time with the members.

So it provides a total package of brain workout, banishes boredom, increases your vocabulary, improves your spelling and prepares you for any absolute challenge. Also it should be specifically mentioned that all these benefits are granted to you along with a complete fun-filled experience. What else does one wish to look for from a game? In the time where amusement costs either money or energy, this game saves both yet offers a lot of benefits to the player.


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